Finances and Fostering

Finances and fostering

Independent Fostering Agencies

[one_half]Having a big heart may be a prerequisite of successful fostering, but, for many carers, becoming a foster carer is increasingly a specialist career choice requiring expert training, a range of diverse skills and qualifications and, not surprisingly, a reasonable fee in addition to recognised allowances.

Even now, some people question the idea of paying foster carers, saying the real motivation for fostering should be improving children’s lives. But no other profession working with children is expected to do so just out of the goodness of their heart.

Foster carer’s first priority is the children, but foster carers cannot afford to foster without being paid the fees and allowances that are required both to look after foster children properly and to enable foster carers to replace some of the income often lost when deciding to foster.[/one_half]


In order to recruit and retain good foster carers, foster carers should be paid a realistic fee in recognition of their skills and experience, however, in a recent survey of pay conducted in 2006, suggested only around 60 per cent of foster carers working for Local Authorities received any sort of income aside from the basic fostering allowances.

It is important that potential foster carers get fostering right first time and therefore consider carefully who they apply to foster with. Contact us for more free information and help to ‘get fostering right first time’.