Housing and Council Tax

Housing and Council Tax Benefit

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit are both means-tested and generally have the same conditions to qualify.

Housing Benefit (HB) is for people who rent their home.  You must have a low income and savings of not more than £16,000 in order to qualify.  It is paid whether or not you are actively seeking work, and may be paid in addition to other benefits.

Any fostering allowances should be completely ignored, and this includes any reward element that you are paid for your services.  Any retainer that you receive as a foster carer should also be ignored to the extent that is offset by any reasonable expenses including income tax and National Insurance contributions.

If you or your partner qualify for Income Support, income-based JSA or income-related E&SA, then you will automatically qualify for HB, usually at the full rate.   If you are fostering a disabled child, then you may qualify for a Disability Reduction in your Council Tax bill.  Finally, if you are the sole adult in the house or a carer for a disabled child, then you may qualify for a Council Tax Discount of up to 50%.

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